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A Bittersweet Goodbye: Our Senior Girls on Varsity Soccer


Mr. Scully’s Varsity Girls Soccer team went far this season winning South Jersey Group 1 and a school record with fourteen shutouts. Ending their last and final season in their high school soccer careers, the 2024 seniors were beyond happy to end it with such a memorable game. Seniors Maddy Carter, Erin Connelly, Gabby Brooks, and Emily Powers have contributed greatly to the success of this season leaving a huge impact on the younger teammates.

Though the team had a lot of younger players, with only 4 seniors, the underclassmen were able to learn from the older girls and become incredibly close. Being a really tight knit group of girls, they worked hard and pushed each other while at the same time building great relationships. After talking to Gabby Brooks, the senior goalie of the team, she says one thing she will for sure miss is her other goalie partner, sophomore Kylie Cannaday. “That girl was my other half. She and I would split each game and would work with each other throughout practices while the coaches worked with the other girls. We have both seen each other’s worst and best moments over the past two years.” Supporting the younger girl’s soccer careers has been very apparent when it comes to our seniors. Being great role models, and great teammates has shown through time and time again throughout these four years they have been on the team.

All the seniors have been playing soccer since elementary school or even before that. They have grown up with each other through the many years of playing together. The girls give many memorable accounts of pregame pasta parties, team tennis matches, bonfires, and even watching motivational videos together. Building this unconditional bond is an amazing strength over the years, but there have been times when it hasn’t always been easy. Maddy Carter says, “I’ve learned what it takes to bring people together, despite our differences and other conflicts. I’ve learned to believe in myself no matter what, and to not be afraid to take risks because they are always worth it. I definitely learned how to make strangers become family, and how far love can really take you in life.” She even adds that leaving her teammates behind is one of the most difficult hardships of leaving high school soccer.

As someone who watched the team win the playoffs, I can agree with the fact that it was beyond memorable. Knowing how much anticipation and weight was being put onto this game, it had everyone watching holding their breaths. Everyone knew the girls wanted the win very badly. Since seeing the girls’ team win it last in 2019, Maddy Carter along with the rest of the girls made it their goal to do the same. “They were not concerned with individual stats or recognition, they just wanted to win,” says Mr. Scully. “Going into the playoffs we knew we were ready, but we had to put it all together on the field. The girls played with tons of heart and desire.” With a last season full of high expectations and passion, the seniors could not have had a better ending.


“My reaction to winning the playoffs was definitely disbelief. It was just such a surreal moment, so it definitely meant the world to come on top at the end of it all,” says Maddy Carter. 


These seniors helped to carry on a lot of the soccer program’s traditions and set the tone for the next group of seniors to carry on the same traditions. Mr. Scully is pleased this group of girls ended their careers as South Jersey champions. We will miss this group of seniors and everything they have brought to the team. 

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