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Global warming’s effect on polar bears

Global warmings effect on polar bears

Each year our climate crisis worsens, making the planet we live on a ticking time bomb. Our wildlife especially,is taking immense blows from global warming, forcing them to adapt to unlivable conditions. Among these vulnerable creatures, the polar bear faces threats of extinction. 

The polar bear population is decreasing rapidly and it is predicted that two-thirds of polar bears will be extinct by 2050. This is because of global warming, a change in weather and temperature patterns caused by human activity. The increasing heat is melting the polar bears’ ice caps, leaving them with nowhere to go.  The loss of the ice caps puts seals, polar bears’ main prey, in danger of becoming extinct. Polar bears are adapted to the arctic conditions and depend on the ice to survive. 

Polar bears’ biggest threat of extinction stems from the decreasing amount of sea ice in the arctic. Every year as global warming increases due to the neglection of our planet and animals, polars bear habitats are melting. The cutting down of forests, burning of fossil fuels, and engaging in mass consumerism, are all leading the bears’ population to their demise. Polar bears are counting on humans to rescue them and that can be accomplished by first taking care of our home, the planet, therefore saving their home, the sea ice. 

Polar bears are facing great danger and the number of them is decreasing rapidly. But in spite of this, there is hope. As humans it is our responsibility to take care of our wildlife. You can make a difference by advocating for the conservation of polar bears’ natural habitat, preserving our earth’s natural resources, and becoming involved in causes that take action.

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