Girls Indoor Track: 2023 Season


Jason Ortiz, Writer

Audubon’s girls’ Indoor Track team has done very well this season. The team had a lot of young athletes on it and only two seniors; Ava Rizzo and Erin Ewing. While no records were broken this season that does not mean it wasn’t successful.

Mr. Cosenza says seniors Ava Rizzo and Erin Ewing are some of the hardest workers on the team and have gotten much better since their freshman season in 2020 which is impressive considering they both ran at sectionals that year. Ava in the 400 and Erin in the 55. 

A couple of high points for Ava Rizzo is coming in 13th in the all-time best in the 800 for our school and running a lifetime best in back-to-back meets to end the season. At States, she finished 8th in the 800. 

Another impressive athlete this season was freshman Alaina Copsetta who proved to be a force all season. She placed 6th at sectionals and 10th at states for the 400. She became the 2nd fastest indoor freshman in school history and was 15th in the state out of every freshman who ran the 400 this year.

Another feat this season came from two distance runners, Mia Munn and Maddy Carter, breaking the 6-minute mark on the 1600 which allowed them to qualify for states. The final big highlight of the season came from the 4×400 team consisting of Ava Rizzo, Arianna Bittner, Kira Collins, and Alaina Copsetta. They finished 5th in states and ran the school’s all-time 10th fastest 4×400 and 6 seconds faster than they ran last season.

Each season is expected to be better than the last and with many athletes setting lifetime and personal bests, with a lot of athletes performing extremely well. The freshmen students are doing amazing, and even being able to score some points in the biggest meets of the season.

This season was an extremely good one for the athletes who improved greatly over the season and have really achieved a lot.