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Alphabet Soup

Andrew Purcell

A heavenly amalgamation, best served hot,

Billowing with steam, delivered in a piping bowl.

Chewy to some, tasty to most, and acceptable any time of day;

Delightful to those who enjoy

Educational broth with hidden wisdom enclosed.

Flavorful, and full of wonder and jubilation,

Giddy to little kids watching television on rainy days.

Half liquid, half solid, something that

I find to be pleasurable, and a

Joyous combination for a fulfilling meal.

Knowing the best spoon to use, and the right temperature to eat at, ensures that the

Lexicons that are

Mashed together on top are

Nice to those who indulge.

Oh, I understand that…

People will pick apart which soups are

Queens and Kings, the royalty of the family.

Reaching across the table to grab an array of

Soup is a choice that is difficult to make, but

The selections available fit everyone’s wants and needs.

Underneath a layer of cheese is a delectable French Onion, and an array of

Vegetable soups can also be satisfactory.

When will the soup wars end, some will say they…

Expect it to end in a few lines.

You may notice the error above, but the

Zest of this meal is something for all to love.

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