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Diving into the Inner Workings of AHS’s Electives Department

Inside AHS, the electives and world language department is one of the most diverse branches of the school. Ranging from choir teachers to librarians to woodworking teachers, the department handles communication concisely and efficiently. The departments have varying methods concerning communication with one another to ensure the student body is receiving adequate education, as well as efficient materials inside each class. Varying teachers from the electives and world language department were interviewed to provide an in-depth overview of the department as a whole, Mrs. Little, Mr D, Mr. Polimeni, Mr. Stubbs, Mrs. Whalen, and others were involved.  

One of the most effective means of communication between these branches is the scheduled department meetings held in the school. Teachers of different departments will periodically meet to discuss the current standing of the department, generate new ideas, and look for new ways to improve the department as a whole. Technology teacher Mrs. Little says, “There’s always developments and new things coming out, we always have to stay up to date with those things; it’s more of a casual conversation which honestly is a little bit easier and lets us spark new ideas for different things.” The scheduled department meetings allow the department to innovate and keep the environment steady in a low-stress environment. Each department works in harmony to create the best environment for students. Many different branches coexist inside the department, with certain branches being larger than others. For example, the technology branch of the department is one of the bigger areas, with 3 teachers instructing technology-based courses. There are other big departments like the language department with 4 teachers, with 3 Spanish teachers and 1 French teacher. Then there is the other side of the department where it’s a bit smaller than the others, like the music department or technology department, with only up to two teachers in both. Even with a surprisingly low number of teachers, the magic of each branch is still present in all of these electives.  

Comparing the electives and world language departments to other departments inside AHS, this department is unique in the sense of opportunity. Each department teacher is highly educated in their profession, creating a concise environment for students taking their classes. In an interview conducted with life skills teacher Ms. Waite, she talked about why she chose to teach her elective; “I thought to myself wouldn’t it be good if I could teach kids, before becoming parents, how to appropriately discipline their kids, feed them, care for them, and so forth, before people became part of the system and had to learn that as adults after the fact.” The electives allow students to choose a class in which they see themselves in the future. Students have the opportunity to see how they function in a field they may be interested in. When asked about opportunities in her department, Mrs. Little said “I think a lot of  times their talents were not really seen in other areas, but they were seen in technology classes, and I really want to help students realize that that’s what this class could be for them.” While every student is different from their peers, certain students may have more trouble navigating classes than others. The electives department gives students who fall under the category opportunities to engage in something they enjoy outside of the classroom, utilizing their skills and talents. 

The music department is one of the most intriguing branches in AHS. The Band elective allows students to either pursue further in their musical talent or seek to learn an instrument of their choosing. In an interview with Band director, Mr. DeLoach, he talked about the benefits of band outside of school, “Because when you’re in a band first of all you are doing multiple tasks at once multitasking… it’s just you’re trying to do multiple things at once, it’s kind of like things in life, no matter what job you’re doing.” This elective helps students develop skills that are not just tethered solely to music, it helps students focus on multiple things at once and allows students to learn how to cooperate together in one big group, which are all abilities necessary for anything in their future. 

In one of the more physical departments of the school, Phys. Ed. is one of the most iconic classes in any high school. With Phys. Ed Teachers like Mr. Reed, and Mr. Boland. Ms. Ricci, Ms. Whalen, Ms. Difilippo, Mr. Knaul, and Ms. Calta have one common goal in mind when it comes to their physical education course. They all have one common goal finding fun and effective exercises/games for students to partake in, along with the ability to choose what activity is available. Gym class provides some of the most unique games students can indulge in for a period, providing students with a nice break from their draining schedule. Popular games like nitroball or Mat-ball keep students entertained for the period and help those who need to get their energy out. Maybe students need a nice, calming walk around the track if the activities don’t suit what they need at the moment. This department has just what students need in terms of what a gym class should be. 

The electives in Audubon are more than what they seem, with teachers who enjoy what they signed up for and are excited to teach. Each department is carefully planned out on a tight schedule, making a low-stress, enjoyable environment for not only students but teachers as well. Departments use different methods of communication to ensure smooth teaching, for example, the electives department and their scheduled department meetings to keep everything in check. This makes taking any elective comfortable for students stepping out of their comfort zone or just doing something they enjoy. 


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