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Diverse Abilities, Unified Futures: The View of Special Education Teaching


Audubon High School prides itself on the many educational opportunities it provides to its special ed students. The department of special education is full of dedicated teachers and staff that help provide the certain needs that each student requires to thrive. 

Special education teachers are not just educators; they are advocates. They constantly champion the rights of students with disabilities, ensuring that they have equal access to academics. These educators work hand in hand with families to create a support system, emphasizing open communication and collaboration to address the unique challenges each student may face. Mrs Knoll, special education teacher, believes that the special education department is extremely rewarding, when asked the question “What challenges do you face with teaching special education?” she responded, “It’s actually more rewarding than challenging, I find that a lot of my students work very hard and put forward a lot of effort into things that may be more challenging for them.” It is clear that Mrs. Knoll is very passionate about her career and is very dedicated to making sure each kid gets the best education possible.

The staff perspective in special education serves to provide an inclusive learning environment for all the students involved. Dedicated educators, support staff, and administrators collaborate to create personalized educational experiences for students with diverse needs. From designing individualized educational plans to implementing innovative teaching strategies, the staff’s commitment to changing instruction reflects their understanding of each student. Many of the staff feel that this is a very rewarding job with many opportunities to show their skills to provide for each kid. Each staff member portrayed their genuine passion to nurture the potential of each student and make sure they are getting the best education they possibly can. Many teachers become educators because of personal reasons.  Mr. Walsh, a special education teacher at Audubon, said, “My brother was a special education student and he struggled a lot. Seeing all the problems that caused made me pick up a special education minor in college to try to help that type of background.” Mr. Walsh, like so many, joined the field in order to ensure others get the education they deserve no matter what their circumstances are.

The Special education field is far from perfect, but each year more information is available to cater those who may need a different style of learning to succeed. Special education students all have their own strengths and weaknesses and our school does its best to adapt to these challenges. By creating a society that promotes accessibility and equitable opportunities, we are creating a better tomorrow for all learners.

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