BWilz Needs No Introduction


Roliana Hannan, Writer

Brandon Wilson is a senior at Audubon High School known by the nickname B-Wilz. He has been attending Audubon all his life. Talking to B-Wilz would show you the passion he has for basketball. He has been playing it only for 5 years and has enjoyed every moment since. He likes how it is fast paced and how it is filled with team building. During his senior night the Audubon Stadium was filled with supportive friends and teachers; even students outside of Audubon. This just shows how people love his positivity and personality.

Get to know B-Wilz: 

  • Jersey number is 5. It is his lucky number and it matches with his birth year and day, April 5, 2005. 
  • Planning to attend Camden County College to study broadcasting and to play basketball.
  • Plays tennis for AHS. 
  • Would like to try playing lacrosse. 
  • His hobby is watching films and athletes games. 
  • Enjoys riding his bike around the town and reading. 
  • In ten years he sees himself being a journalist. 

I had asked his Coaches and teammates to say something about B-Wilz and his senior night:  

Kaleb Eller (teammate): Brandon is the best teammate that anyone would ask for, he cheered everyone on all the time no matter what, even on his night. He will be missed.

Joey S (teammate): He is the nicest guy you will meet. He always put the team above himself.

Luke Hoke (teammate): Brandon is one of the nicest and most caring teammate you will meet. He’s a great guy and will be missed by everyone. 

Ryan J (teammate): He is a good teammate and will be missed. 

Andrew Trow (teammate): Brandon is a prime example of a perfect teammate. He is always cheering everyone on and is always spreading positivity. He will be missed by everyone.

Josh Nolan (teammate): He is a great friend and leader to everyone on the team.

Gianna Boland (manager): B-Wilz always had the greatest spirit on the team and was always extremely supportive of his teammates.

Emily Waller (manager): B-Wilz is the most passionate person out there, he’s an amazing teammate who always looks out for not just his teammates but the team in general. I admire his love for the sport, it’s one of a kind. 

Mr. Boland (coach):B-Wilz has been such a big part of not just the basketball program, but the entire Audubon community and the surrounding areas. He was our only senior, and deserved all of the spotlight that night. It was hard to not shed a tear that night, especially when he came running out to that crowd. To also see the Gloucester team and fans join in on the celebration just shows how much of an impact he has. I swear he’s going to be mayor one day.