Amauri Pimentel: Winter Athlete Spotlight


Jasmine Davies, Writer

Amauri Pimentel is a junior at Audubon high school. He joined Audubon his sophomore year and has played Football for the team ever since. Amauri is a cornerback and wide receiver and has been a star player leading the team in touchdowns. He started playing this sport when he was four years old and up until he was seven but stopped due to an arm injury. He later regained his love for this sport during his freshman year of high school when he started playing again. He has always enjoyed playing and besides football, runs track in the winter and spring.

He coordinates his jersey number, 2, with his two friends Billy Lindenmuth, 1,  and Al Gonzalez, 3. He plans on playing football after high school and is interested in going to Rutgers New Brunswick.

One thing his coach said that has inspired him is, “Play as a team.” His goal is to be The Greatest Of All Time.

He looks up to Jaire Alexander, cornerback of the Green Bay Packers.

The season had lots of ups and downs but he said, “When we play as a team things go right for us.”

His favorite season so far has been this year because the team had lots of close, intense games.

A piece of advice he would like to give fellow teammates and incoming players is, “Hard work pays off.”