Basketball Winter Athlete Spotlight: A’zon Young

Basketball Winter Athlete Spotlight: Azon Young

Roliana Hannan

A’zon Young is a freshman attending Audubon High school. It is his first year at Audubon. He used to attend Kipp Lanning Square middle school. Outside of school, he attends an academy called Free All Minds. This year he played on the JV football team in the fall and this winter he is playing on the varsity boy’s basketball team.

A’zon has been playing basketball for 3 years. He has always enjoyed playing. This winter season he has shown his outstanding abilities on the court. In total so far he has an impressive 371 points. He has also won player of the week for the conference 3 times. Their last game was on February 10 vs  Clearview High School Pioneers. They ended up with a win. A’zon had 24 points and 9 rebounds. The team is going into the playoffs versus Palmyra High School on February 20.

He has mentioned that his role model is himself, because of the way he works hard. “I don’t like the feeling of losing,”  he says, “I have the motivation to work hard, and nothing can stop me from being motivated.”

He believes one of his weaknesses is being unable to dribble through the players. This has made him work hard every day either practicing with his teammates at school or practicing alone. His strength is his time management skills. His daily schedule during his sports seasons is to wake up at 5:30 am to get ready for school, school at 8:05 am to 2:30 pm, after school practice for 2 hours, and a later practice with trainers for a couple of hours, and then get home at 9:30 pm to finish school work and sleep. During the day he spends at least 6 hours working on himself.

In 10 years he sees himself being at a division 1 college, being a bro basketball player, or a real estate agent and being his own boss. Despite his young age, A’zon is already thinking about attending Utah State University, University of North Carolina, and Rutgers University.