Alexa Canuso, Fall Athlete Spotlight, Field Hockey


Jasmine Davies

Sophomore Alexa Canuso just wrapped up her 2nd year of field hockey. She has played field hockey at Audubon since 7th grade and started her career when she was in 4th.  “I’ve always enjoyed playing. I love field hockey,” she said. Her best friend, Ella Braddock is #4, and Alexa wears the number 5 jersey to match. Alexa also plays softball in the spring. 

Alexa did not have an easy season. She explained she felt her coaches did not see her true potential. This inspired her to play better and work harder to prove her value on the field. Something that keeps her motivated is her wonderful team and her passion for the sport. Her role model is her sister, Gianna Canuso, who also played field hockey. Her favorite season was her freshman season because they won the conference and she played with her sister. This year without her sister she says she enjoys the amount of team bonding the team does but like with most teams there is always some drama. 

After high school, she hopes to go to Drexel and play softball, although she is going to continue playing field hockey for her remaining 2 years of high school. A piece of advice she would like to give fellow teammates and upcoming players is, “Do not take everything to heart and work hard. Your effort will pay off.”