Girl’s Tennis: 2022 Season


“Different” was the word used by head coach Dave Niglio to describe AHS girl’s tennis season this year. The team consisted of only a small group of players and because of renovations to the tennis courts this fall,  all of the season’s practices were held at Collingswood High School. After 5 years of being the assistant coach, this was Mr. Niglio’s first year as head coach. His focus was on the individual improvement of players throughout the season. 

When asked if there was a girl on the team he wanted to highlight, Mr. Niglio said, “I really could list everybody” and went on to say the names of all 7 players. “I was proud of how they were able to fight through a very tough season. They were willing to work hard and stay positive throughout the season.” Though there were few wins during the season, all the girls either won a match or showed signs of improvement. Junior player, Ona Ugonna-Ufere, reflecting on the season says, “Overall the team this year was smaller but we still worked hard to make the best out of it which made every moment better.”

Senior Victoria Lopez was always there for her teammates to provide a bright smile ahead of practices and meets. “Victoria is a great player and was a joy to play with for my 2 years so far. I’m really going to miss her smiling face at Tennis every day,” said sophomore player Jane Poponi who has been playing tennis since she was 5. Ona said, “Victoria is very Kind, Smart, Responsible, Trustworthy and Generous,” and was described as, “resilient and supportive” by coach Niglio. This is why she was the Pride and Excellence award winner. 

Coach Niglio looks forward to next season coaching the girls on the new courts.