Small Business in AHS: Hunter Lowe Photography


Roliana Hannan, Writer

Hunter Lowe started an instagram account before winter break of this year by the username ShotByHunt. He does photography for sport matches mostly, but he is interested in doing everything. So far he has only done sport matches of wrestling and basketball. He has 130 followers and 5 posts.

He has not been able to do many bookings because of baseball practices, he is getting ready for the spring season, but as soon as the season is over he would like to continue doing photography for sports.

Brandon Wilson’s mom gifted Hunter his first camera as a way to express support for his passion. He stated he likes capturing the moments for student-athletes. “I know when I play I would like to have pictures of me of the moment I was in and enjoyed the most, and that’s why I like doing photography.”

For other students in AHS that would like to start a small business, Hunter suggests going for it and believing in yourself.

“Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to prompt yourself. Do the things you enjoy no one should be in your business.”