Tangled Up in Disney

Leann Perry

The Disney Trip is a longstanding tradition that the Seniors look forward to every year. The collection of seniors who went on the trip this year each made memories that would surely follow them past their high school career. The seniors gave insight into what made the trip memorable for them as individuals, and allowed us to see the trip in full value. Now it was no surprise that a world favorite park was also a favorite among our seniors. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios was widely loved by all the students , many saying that it was their favorite part of the whole trip. However, Universal Studios, containing places like Hogwarts and Marvel Comics, and rides like the Velocicoaster and Rip Ride Rocket was voted as the majority favorite park of the whole trip. The best ride from the trip however came from Epcot, being the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, a roller coaster based on the film of the same name. Epcot is also widely known for their wide range of food, all represented by different countries of the world. And it was no surprise that with all the amazing options that almost every student had a different answer to what was the best food that they had on the trip. Ranging all the way from snacks, like the Mickey Pretzels, to huge meals from the amazing restaurants like, Spice Road Tale. But with all of the phenomenal attractions and wonders that Disney has to offer, most of the seniors knew that their favorite part of the trip was going to be spending the time with their friends before they all graduate this June. Graduating is one of the biggest milestones in someone’s life and for the seniors opportunities like the Disney trip allow them to create everlasting bonds and memories.