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The Effects of social media for education

As we know, technology has played a huge role in our education today. Instead of textbooks and chalkboards we now have chromebooks and smartboards and along with that, Social Media. The person who is reading this probably has some sort of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and etc. Social media has caused a major shift in today’s teaching and education system. Students and teachers have gained a lot of benefits but also disadvantages. How does social media play a factor in school and how can we solve the problems it causes?

Smartphones have benefitted students and faculty in different ways. Social Media can be a great way to make friends and create things. We are able to easily social network events and share great achievements for our school. Most people think that social media distracts students from their studies but for a few it helps them mentally. I asked a student from our school, Karina Mayer, for her opinion and said “I often use social media as a reset or in the interim that I don’t have much to do. I don’t find it distracting really because I am able to prioritize my school work and focus when I need to”. 

There are a lot of downsides to using social media in a school setting. Every year, there is a case about cyberbullying in our school. You probably know someone who cannot get off their phone in class and get their phone taken away. “Speaking about social media in general,” stated Karina “I do believe that often times it can take up a lot of space in people’s minds (especially teenagers’ heads) even if you’re not directly using it due to the constant nature of the information and content being displayed through it on a daily basis. This carries into school a lot of time and often times filters through the day.” It is known that being on your phone too much can cause you to mess up your grades as a result of not being able to pay attention in class. After interviewing Ms. Root, I learned that teachers also have a habit of overusing social media. “I spend way too much time on TikTok,” she states. “I don’t really have a social life but it definitely affects my sleep. Sometimes I spend hours scrolling my phone before I fall asleep. Also, I sometimes get distracted by my phone when I should be teaching. Let me know if you need anything else!”

At the end of the day, we are all human. We all have had (or still do) a habit and I hope this article has helped you think more about your use of social media and how it may be affecting your social life, education, and most importantly yourself. 

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