2021 Homecoming Weekend Highlights

2021 Homecoming Weekend Highlights

It’s been a while since Audubon High School, or any school for that matter, has gotten to have something as normal as a school dance. Thankfully, this year however, all of that seems to be starting to change. The 2021 Homecoming Dance was held in the auxiliary gym. The student council did a great job of organizing and it was a huge success. Although masks were still required, it was great to do an ordinary thing again.

Friday night, the 2021 Homecoming Court was revealed. The nominees were varsity cheerleader – Alexa Brown and varsity soccer, and winter and spring track member, Cooper Bantle. Varsity field hockey and softball player – Gianna Canuso with yearbook member Ryan Doughty. Student council vice president – Leah Grim and football, baseball, and basketball captain- Sean Driscoll. 

Varsity captain of both cheerleading teams- Samantha Matson and varsity soccer and baseball player- John Perozzi. Cheerleader and student council president – Natalie Sylvester, escorted by soccer, winter, and spring track player Joshua Rossell.

The Homecoming football game against Bishop Eustace was also a huge success. Audubon crushed Bishop Eustace 42-0. The team celebrated their eight superstar seniors: Giovanni Cavacini, Mike Cipolone, Sean Driscoll, Brandon Dubois, Cesar Fragoso, Brady Gilbert, Brandyn Hoff, and Dom Watkins.

The marching band did a great job at halftime as well, and the 2021 Homecoming King and Queen were finally crowned – Leah Grim and Ryan Doughty. 

Leah Grim is involved in almost every club at AHS. She is also a morning announcer and manager at the Haddon Heights Cabana. She loves to spend time with her friends and family, go to Chipotle with her best friend, deep-sea fishing, and watching the Eagles. In the future, she plans to pursue her dream of becoming a  teacher.

Ryan Doughty, homecoming king, has lived in Audubon his whole life. He loves hanging out with his friends and listening to music. He is enjoying the rest of his time here at Audubon. He hopes to someday find a career that he loves after the end of his high school chapter in life.

The weekend overall was a lot of fun, and the community wishes the seniors of the football team, all of the seniors on the marching band, and all of the seniors of the Homecoming Court the best of luck.