Marching Band: Captain Sean Taylor


Victoria Pursglove

Sean Taylor is the captain of the brass section of our marching band here at Audubon High School. He is currently a senior and this will be his sixth and last year in our marching band. As a part of the brass section, Sean’s instrument of choice is the trumpet. In this year’s show, Somewhere Over, Sean went as far as to pick up and play three different instruments during its duration. Sean told us that: “When I heard there [were] other things to do with music besides the simple concert band I was immediately intrigued.” Ever since he joined he hasn’t stopped.


Playing instruments isn’t easy, and if anyone knows that it’s Sean. Challenges are bound to happen and the marching band was no exception. Sean said that: “My first three years were a struggle but my peers and the overall strive to be the best I could helped me overcome it.” Even if there were struggles, Sean has since blossomed into the lead position in his section. He told us that: “The brass section is the best section. We all show immense pride in what we do. We also get a lot of the cool parts in the show.” Not only does he have the confidence but he has the skill as well, and that shows through his role as the captain.


As for after high school, Sean is going to West Chester University to study music. More specifically, he said that: “I plan to become a music educator. Hopefully directing my own band in the future.” Since Sean is one of our seniors, he will be graduating in June. Hopefully, his studies and eventual career go as planned.