Small Business in AHS: Landscaping and more


Roliana Hannan

In the Summer of 2018, Francis Makuszewski and Aiden D’Andrea decided to go out and knock on doors to see if they needed help with mowing their lawn. They started a Facebook account to advertise and attract people in Audubon, Haddon Township, and Mount Ephraim areas. They began doing this because they needed money and were too young to work. For the first two years, Aiden and Francis worked alone. In the third year, they started adding their friends. Currently, they have 10 friends helping with Anthony Antonini acting as a supervisor.

Aiden and Francis offer many services besides lawn mowing. They shovel or clear snow in the winter, clear leaves in the fall, clean pools in the summer, and even help elderly customers with moving and cleaning garages.

Francis, Aiden, and Anthoney divide the jobs into three parts. Francis is in charge of mowing lawns, Aiden removes and cleans the yard to prepare for mowing and landscaping, while Anthony works on landscaping and supervising the new friends that are helping.

Francis explained that the number of customers varies from season to season and weather. They have about 20 regular customers that depend on them to help out with different jobs. 

Francis started his journey to make a little extra money for himself and now has a growing small business in the town.