An Interview With Mr. Latham

Dan Wilkins and Eamon Werkheiser

Mr. Latham started as a substitute teacher at Audubon in 2009. He quickly became a respected  teacher amongst students and colleagues.  Known for his quick wit and humor, Mr. Latham recently left Audubon in November to become a business administrator for Pittsgrove Township School District. Before he left, members of the Parrot were able to ask about his time here at Audubon.

How did you get your start in teaching, and what drew you away from teaching and towards business administration?

“I started here as a sub in 2009, then I became a full-time teacher. My plan previously was to go to school for mathematics and study business as well. I know that my future was in business, but when I came here to Audubon I loved everything about that way I became a full-time teacher. I love teaching, but my future is in business.”

Your replacement is an Audubon grad. Did you teach him, how does it feel to be replaced by a former student?

“I am thrilled that a former student of mine is talking about my position. I kept in touch with him and offered him a job here but there was no full-time position at the time, but now he’s coming back to teach here full time as a math teacher.”

What did you love the most about your time as marching band director?

“What I love about marching bands is seeing the students grow, like teaching them how to hold the sticks, how to hit a drumhead or manipulate instruments. Then at the end of the season they play things that are unbelievable. I’ve taught six other marching bands in other schools, just seeing them grow so fast was amazing to me. Just seeing them grow was the best part of it.” 

You played in a cover band for a little while. How was that experience?

“I’ve played in a couple of cover bands, and played in an original band we played for a long time until the singer moved to South Carolina, he was a director at Glassboro High School and moved to South Carolina with his family. But it was a lot of fun.”  

Do you think that your prior experience in teaching has prepared you well for the future?

“Being involved in our system helped me repair me for what I’m going into now. About 20% of this job is accounting, but the other 80% is school operation. I’ve learned a lot, I know what teachers need, I know what students need, and I know what the community needs just from talking to students and teachers so I found those two definitely to this position.” 

If you could go back in time, would you stay on your path as a math teacher? Or would you have gotten into business earlier in life?

“I’d never give up what I’ve done, I love teaching. It’s going to be hard to leave this place and my students. I’m going to miss everything from here, we are like one big family, and I’m absolutely going to miss this place.” 

What are you going to miss most about Audubon?

“It’s everything, Audubon — it’s been my home for thirteen years, the faculty are like brothers and sisters of mine, we’ve become very close. We’re all one big family. The students, the parents, I’ve met a lot of the parents, students and their families, I’m going to miss it all. I mean, the only reason why I can’t stay here is because there isn’t a position like that here for it, but I am absolutely going to miss this place.”

Mr. Latham has left AHS, but he will always be remembered for all of his contributions at AHS. We wish him the best in his new career and hope he will accomplish great things.