Audubon High School Welcomed Two New Hires in December


Roliana Hannan

Audubon High School welcomed two new hires in December. Mr. Mark Mckee came from Collingswood High School to teach math, and Mrs. Egner came from Deptford High School to teach science. Mr. Miller was the biology teacher last year but now he is back to his position as the vice principal for the 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. For two months Mr. Harter, Mrs. Myers, Mr. Moran, Mrs. Wolgamot, and Mr. Niglio took over the biology classes together to help fill in the empty position.

At the beginning of December, Mrs. Egner was hired as a Science and Environmental teacher for the 9th and 10th graders. Mrs. Egner attended Rutgers and Rowan University. She majored in Masters Biology and Science Education. She became a teacher in 1998 and has been teaching biology for 20 years. Before coming to Audubon she taught anatomy CP and AP Biology at Deptford High School for 11 years.

She loves how the students and staff are so welcoming and helpful. She mentioned how the hardest thing so far for her is remembering the teachers’ and the students’ names and teaching Environmental Science since she has never taught this course before. Another adjustment Mrs. Egner describes is the differences between the students at Deptford compared to our student body. Deptford is a bigger school, having more diverse students, culturally, and religiously; there are more sports programs and clubs.  Mrs. Egner is hoping to develop a Botany and zoology class in the future. 

Mr. Mark Mckee was hired for the Math position previously held by Mr. Latham. Mr. McKee lived in Audubon and attended its schools growing up. He graduated from Stockton University with a math degree with a concentration in secondary education. He became a teacher in 2019 at Collingswood where he taught geometry and pre-calculus for four years. He decided to leave Collingswood for Audubon because it is where he is from. It was an opportunity to come back to his hometown and give back to the community he loves. He also says he wanted a change of scenery and to try something new.

He loves teaching at Audubon so far.  Some of the staff here were his teachers when he was a high school student. He described that coming back to the school he grew up in is definitely weird because now he is calling his former teachers by their first names. He also says it is odd to have students who are siblings of his friends and former classmates and being close with some of the students families; but he thinks these reasons are what attracted him to come back to Audubon and teach.