Marching Band: Captain Ariana Scotto Diluzio

Victoria Pursglove, Writer

Ariana Scotto Diluzio is currently a senior here at Audubon High School as well as the captain for the woodwinds section of our marching band. This year will be her fifth year in the marching band as well as the concert band. As a part of the woodwinds, Ariana’s instrument of choice is the saxophone. She joined the band due to the urging of a friend with the hopes of improving her music skills.

When asked about the early days of her time in the band she said, “When I first joined junior high concert band in the 7th grade, I couldn’t even play sheet music, it was so difficult for me. After just one year of marching band, the same music became too easy.” Not long after that, and with the convincing of a friend, Ariana decided to also join the marching band.

Struggles are frequent in all fields, and music is no exception. Add on that the choreographed movement and that makes for even more of a challenge. Ariana faced these challenges as much as anyone else would and eventually overcame them. When asked about this she told us: “Marching band is a commitment like no other and finding the willpower to come to all-day band camp, then three-hour rehearsals, plus weekend competitions, it was not easy.” Despite the challenge, Ariana has not only overcome these challenges but has exceeded them and has since become a leader in the woodwinds section.

As for outside of the band, Ariana has a love of the other arts as well. Not only is she in the band, but she is also a part of the musical as an actor, most notably as Wednesday Addams in last year’s production of The Addams Family, as well as a practicing artist. Even with all of that under her belt, she still cites music as a primary interest for her future career. After graduating high school, Ariana said that: “I’d love to continue with music. If I’m honest, playing saxophone isn’t my main priority… but what I’ve learned marching band will always be a part of my musical and artistic endeavors.” In any case, Ariana is bound for success in the future, especially with all of this experience from the marching band.