Small Business in AHS: Amarui Milly Photography/Videography


Roliana Hannan

Amauri Milly started an instagram account to promote his art by the username apshotthat. He does photography and videography for sports and every other event that he is called for. So far, he has done basketball, boxing, wrestling, and track. He has 31o followers and 33 posts. He has always wanted to do photography, and he asked his parents for a camera as his Christmas wish.

He started his services in January. He gets a booking once or twice a week both inside and outside of Audubon High School. He mentioned he usually does free photography for anyone who asks in Audubon or is his close friend.

His first official booking was when Audubon students reached out to him specifically to take pictures during the Audubon vs. Paulsboro wrestling match. One of his favorite works that he has done is Audubon Girls Basketball vs. Gloucester on January 3.

For other students in AHS that would like to start a small business, Amauri suggests doing it.

“Don’t wait, the longer you wait the less time you have. If you want to do something, go for it and be consistent until you succeed.”

Some of Amauri’s work: