Senior, Mary Kate Owens, Girl’s Cross Country


Senior Cross Country runner, Mary Kate Owens, just wrapped up a record-breaking high school career. Her accomplishments include earning a race rank top 5 runner in Audubon girls cross country history and running her PR 5k at 22:42 minute speed. Mary Kate’s positivity and encouraging attitude were on full display throughout the interview. She hoped her positive attitude set an example for all her fellow team members. Mary Kate leaves the younger team members with the following encouraging words. “Don’t lose hope. Running can sometimes be so discouraging. The more you do it the better you become; just stick to it.”

Mary Kate only started cross country last season, her junior year, but she has been a runner for many years. She joined the middle school track team and has competed in every season since. Mary Kate also swims in the winter. She has always been a 3 season athlete playing on the girl’s soccer team her freshman and sophomore years before transitioning to cross country. One of her favorite seasons so far is this fall season of cross country. She stated the team is so small so everyone bonds together. She also stated at every meet everyone has dropped time and is improving. 

As a senior, Mary Kate has been wondering about her upcoming college commitment and career. She is indecisive about whether she will do swimming or track after high school. She has been looking to apply to TCNJ, Rider University, Manhattan College, and Fordham University.