2021 Powder Puff: Seniors Edge Out Junior Class to Become 2021 Powder Puff Champions!

2021 Powder Puff: Seniors Edge Out Junior Class to Become 2021 Powder Puff Champions!

Dennis Vespe, Writer (2021-2022)

As another school year blossoms so do the annual traditions that come with it. This week was no exception with the junior and senior class girls going head to head in our yearly high school powder puff game. 

Both classes spent countless hours training, running plays, and practicing stun

After going into halftime with a two-touchdown lead the senior class, led by Aysiah Maldonado, was sure the trophy was theirs for the taking. An especially sweet feeling since the class was not so fortunate in their game last year against the former senior grade. However, the junior class had not given up yet, and wide receiver Mary Kate Owens tied the game up in the third quarter after scoring two back-to-back touchdowns. The second half of the game was an absolute whirlwind as both teams remained neck and neck forcing the matchup to head into overtime. After several nail-biting minutes and a touchdown for one team followed by a touchdown for the other, eventually, the senior class pulled out another touchdown and two-point conversion to secure the long-awaited victory for their team. After the game, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing several key players, cheerleaders, and even an audience member in order to obtain the full scope of just how great this annual matchup was. 

Senior Team Star Player

Heaven Culbertson

How do you think last year’s powder puff game motivated you guys to pull off the win this year?

Having been crushed last year, I definitely wanted to redeem myself from being embarrassed and continue the cycle of seniors winning.

When the game went into overtime, what was going through your head?

I was frustrated because we were doing so good in the beginning but I knew if we stayed focused we’d pull off the win.

Who do you dedicate this win towards?

The cheerleaders

Overall, what do you think was your team’s strongest asset?

Jade and Aysiah.

Who was the cutest cheerleader?

DJ Vespe, second place shoutout to Jaden.


Junior Team Star Player 

Mary Kate Owens

How would you describe your chemistry with QB Alyson Yurcaba?

I would say the chemistry between QB Alyson and me was pretty unexpected.  Her already having that football experience, and me being hungry for TDS, was the perfect combo that helped our team put up the best fight we could. We are 100% a duo to watch out for in next year’s game.

 After scoring two touchdowns and bringing the juniors back into the game, how different was the energy of the team?       

I think my two touchdowns definitely gave the junior team a lot more excitement and hope for the rest of the game. Tying up the score put us back in the play and hyped everyone up for sure.

What was the main thing your team focused on going into the game?

Going into the game we all pretty much were on the same page. No one really knew what they were doing. We just wanted to have fun and make it as entertaining as possible to watch. Attempting to do everything we could to not embarrass ourselves out there was the main goal.

Who was the cutest cheerleader?

Obviously, the junior cheerleaders were looking SO FLY, especially Joseph Gaspari.



Scott Hubbard

How vigorous was the training to become halftime show-ready?

Vigorous is an understatement.

Favorite stunt? Least favorite?

“Favorite stunt? I’m going to have to say the lift-off because that was the only one we did. My least favorite was the one-leg stretch out we tried at practice because I almost died.

How did the energy of the game affect your performance?

You know, I didn’t really focus on the crowd but the energy of the team and the senior section really brought me to life.


Senior Coach/Star Player

Aysiah Maldonado

After working so hard, how nice was this win?

It was great, I didn’t get to play last year, so this year meant a lot to me.

What was it like leading the team to victory?

Amazing. We came together as one, and it was nice to see the senior class unite.

What was the one thing you enforced the most as a team coach?

Definitely communication and beast mentality.

Who was the cutest cheerleader?

DJ Vespe by far.  


Audience Member

Kennedy Coleman

Thoughts on the halftime show?

I think that was the best halftime show I’ve ever seen. The coordination and splits were the best part. EXTRAORDINARY!

Do you think the seniors cheated?

No. The juniors got embarrassed fair and square.

Who was the cutest cheerleader?

Definitely DJ Vespe, second place shoutout to Scott though.

There you have it. An amazing game filled with amazing performances by both players and cheerleaders alike!